Nordic Hikes/Snowshoeing

Weekly schedule 

Open for all, sporty and convivial !

This is the perfect opportunity to get away from the stress of everyday life, enjoy the open air and nature and hike around in a group alone or with your friends and family. These disciplines are adapted every session to the level of the group.

  • SUNDAY: Start of the adventure "The mountain, my poles and me!" 
  • TUESDAY: Tour of the lakes "Rythm, coordination" 
  • THURSDAY: The grand crossing "Appreciate your progress" 

Poles are supplied / Head to the ESF office to pick them up 

  • MONDAY: Frist steps in snowshoes "The Alpette in snowshoes" 
  • FRIDAY: Yéti tour "Follow the route of the Yéti" 

Equipment not supplied / Meet at TK Alpette summit at 1:30pm
WEEKLY SCHEDULEAll season long
5 OUTINGS (of your choice) + ONE POOL/SAUNA PASS120 € *
3 OUTINGS (of your choice)75 € *
* Pass included to get to the TK Alpette summit
Outings not included in weekly schedule All season long
ALL-DAY ATHLETES OUTING | Wednesdays from 9:30am - 4:30pm46 €
AQUAGYM LESSON | Thursdays from 10am - 11am at the Ternélia Hotel12 €