Leave the marked pistes behind and go out in search of nature by signing up for our ski tours! 

Ski touring requires a bit more physical effort but you won't regret it as you walk over untouched snow and bask in the beauty of the resort! Our instructors will guide you safely along the mountains whilst giving you advice on how to enjoy your tour at its fullest.

Ski tours can be done with both family and friends on a base of 4 people per group. However, group members must have the same level. 

ski touring
Half and all-day options
  • Alone or with family and friends. Participants must have a similar level 
  • All season long
  • Half day : 3.5hrs All day : 7hrs
Ski touring | half and all-day OPTIONS1 - 4 peopleextra person
ALL DAY - 7hrs400 €25 €
HALF DAY - 3.5hrs210 €15 €